How to Receive What You've Asked For...

I WANT IT ALL. Love, health, financial freedom, grounded spirituality, nurturing relationships, magnificent sex, good times filled with laughter, a purpose filled life. EVERYTHING. What do YOU want? How do you know when you get it? Do you allow yourself to be, do and have what you wish for? Or do you sometimes, like me, catch yourself blocking your blessings? Below are a few tips to get your mind right to receive, allow and let it all in...

1. Acknowledge that you reached a goal, attained an outcome, made progress - you lost 5 or 10 pounds, got that degree or certificate, negotiated a raise, launched a business, hooked up with your soulmate. Whatever it is, take a moment and savor the feeling of accomplishment. Allow yourself the pleasure of experiencing the attainment of what you hoped for, dreamed of, visualized and CREATED.  Before looking ahead to the NEXT, just let yourself FEEL the experience fully.

2. Say THANK YOU. In the most heartfelt manner you can summon, thank God, the Universe, Source, whatever, whomever. Be grateful that you got what you prayed for, visualized, meditated on and affirmed. Saying "thank you" is good manners and good karma. Do it often.

3. Believe you deserve it. Whatever it is - material, spiritual, financial, emotional. It may be the new car you saved for, an improved relationship, a deeper sense of faith and connection to the divine. Find that place within the deepest recesses of your soul that is filled with unconditional love for your SELF. Feel that you are worthy and deserving of EVERY desire that takes root in your consciousness. Say and write affirmations, pray, get hypnotized, use binaural beats, visualize, do whatever it takes. Be open to receive everything your heart desires. You are so worth it.



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