What Manifest Destiny means to me...

Manifest Destiny evolved from the natural progression on my journey of self discovery. As my path of personal development unfolds, I am ever more connected to the Universal Source within me that is GOD. Whatever word you may use, whether it be God, Higher Power or Source, this infinite awareness is within us all. It empowers us to create our lives and manifest our destinies through the power of our thoughts, words and feelings. As we tune into, acknowledge and harness the power of the Law of Attraction we can deliberately create the lives of our dreams. It is the inherent right of us ALL to become, expand and evolve into the highest expressions of our Selves. It is OK to want more, to have more, to BE more.  You can be, do and have whatever you believe you can. BELIEVE. Remember, faith is a verb.

I am moved from deep within my Soul to share a part of myself to uplift and empower women from all walks of life. To me, celebrating and honoring women is a gift of healing to the planet. I thought it would be a great idea to do this with fun and flirty t-shirts brandishing powerful and provocative statements of intention. The Manifest Destiny Brand is my gift to you. Thank you for joining me on this part of my journey. There is more to come... Have fun wearing our line of t-shirts, "EMPOWERWEAR" if you will. Stay inspired and Manifest Your Destiny



  • Love it! I’m already inspired by THIS manifestation of the journey. Let the blessings flow!

  • Very nice Delilah!! It’s a great way of stopping for a moment and empowering oneself with a short statement of self-affirmation. Blessed be!!


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